just came up with the greatest name and logo for my super 8 movie productions which is maybe a little premature as i haven’t even gotten the movie developed yet (let alone finished filming). anyway it was divine inspiration and i’m weirdly excited

i also found a crazy hutong petshop today too and i took some photos then woke up the snoring man who was covered in rabbits and a jack russell and bought a huge ass bamboo birdcage from him, temporarily forgetting that i fly home on thursday

i have a new favourite dress so there go all chances of ootd diversity for at least a fortnight

i fell in love on sunday we played volleyball on a field littered with goat skulls then he tapped the back of his motorbike and i fell in love

mongolia: man gets tooth dislodged by kick to the face from yak. promptly removes tooth with left hand as right hand preoccupied with lit cigarette.